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Memorial Tribute

Today we honor the life of Dr. Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley, a man whose life story is a testament to the profound transformations that faith and love can bring about. Born in Stamford, Connecticut, Earthquake was the seventh of eleven children. His early years were marked by significant trials, exposure to the dark arts of voodoo, obeah, and hoodoo through his father. Yet, it was these very challenges that shaped his future ministry and deep compassion.

Dr. Kelley’s life was a journey from darkness to light, marked by a dramatic encounter with God after a near-death experience at the age of 15. This turning point led him to devote his life to the ministry, determined to bring hope and deliverance to those ensnared by spiritual and physical afflictions. His testimony and teachings, as shared in his books like “Bound to Lose, Destined to Win” and “Escaping the N’MOS Cycle,” have touched countless lives, guiding many to spiritual freedom and healing.

Earthquake was not only a spiritual leader but also a beacon of resilience and hope. His legacy is not just in the words he preached but in the lives he touched, the people he delivered, and the unshakeable faith he exhibited in the face of adversity. He taught us that no matter our past, transformation is always possible through faith.

As we reflect on his life and mourn his passing, let us hold on to the lessons he imparted: to live with courage, to fight for redemption, and to always believe in the transformative power of God’s love. Today, we say goodbye not just to a minister but to a father, a mentor, and a friend whose impact will continue to resonate through the ages.

We thank God for the life of Dr. Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley, a true warrior of faith. May he rest in peace, knowing that his work here has left an indelible mark on the world, and his spiritual legacy will endure in the lives of those he has touched.

The funeral is still to be determined, and will be held sometime near the end of May 2024.

If you would like to make a donation to the family, you can do so here. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Bishop Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley

Watch the funeral service here from: June 1, 2024 (11am-12:30pm) Highlands Church, Palmdale, CA

16 Responses to “Memorial Tribute”

  1. I heard he was on his knees in prayer when he passed onward to heaven today. Thank you for your witness Pastor Earthquake Kelley
    What a glorious legacy!

  2. The Shelby Family
    May 8, 2024 at 3:28 pm

    What an amazing man of God he was! And what an awesome testimony he had. May the Holy Spirit keep the family comforted and cared for, now and always, in the name of Jesus.

  3. Special Anointed Unconditional Love & Sweetie Kind Man of God & Beloved Wife Mrs. Selena, Women of God! We are forever grateful for your Ministry & Legacy!

    Thank you for All the Anointed prayers, teachings, tremendous encouragement, hospitality, care, prayers of deliverance, setting us free from devilish strongholds, bondage, healing and The our pouring of The “Love of God” in our lives! We will forever cherish the remembrance of visiting you in California:

    It was a glorious time we had together! All the daily Deliverance meetings we value your time. We enjoyed
    you very much! Me & Danae (daughter) love and support you! Thankful and Grateful we are set free!

    Dr Kelley, finished well! Thank you Dear Lord for the opportunity to have met this special loving couple.

    Dr. Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley, finished his assignment well leaving us Yes! “A glorious Legacy”!

    We are praying for you Mrs
    Selena, your children grandchildren, the family, friends & the Ministry
    comfort & peace 🙏

    Love Always ♥️🙏❤️
    Pamela & Danae

  4. Marcie Duncan
    May 8, 2024 at 10:14 pm

    Even though he is in Heaven with Jesus and his son, I cry tears of joy and sadness. This man of God really Blessed me with his humility, testimonies and funniness. Praying for his wife and children and everyone who will miss him.

  5. I have just learned of this wonderful human being Dr Kelley. A dear friend of mine sent me a link to a video of Dr. Kelley being interviewed by Randy Kay. He has such an incredible story, an inspiration to all who have listened to him. May God bless and comfort his family through this difficult time.

  6. I was so saddened to hear our dear friend “Earthquake” graduated to glory! He and I and his precious wife spoke often on the phone in my darkest hours. Prophesied over me. We chatted often on the phone and thru podcasts. I invited him to many of my national prayer calls. So humbled to know him and he was kind to me. His family is so precious and I especially enjoy his prophetic expression of art as he is teaching some key elements that he saw in the body of Christ. He will not be forgotten as his grandchildren also carry his artwork gift. Luv you Earthquake! See you soon!

  7. Please accept my condolences for this “Man of God” that God ordained for this world. My pastor mentioned his wonderful friendship with this “mighty warrior for the Lord” so I have listened to some of the YouTube videos of interviews and recognize the great loss that has transpired. He will be missed by me based on his candor, honesty, and integrity. God bless you as you celebrate his homegoing but adjust to a world without him.

  8. Prophet Owen Ward St
    May 10, 2024 at 2:07 pm

    Earthquake was the most loving man on earth I have ever known.
    Gracious, Kind and very loving to everyone. RIP my friend I will miss you until we meet again 🙏

  9. The Legend Before His Own Time. jitatv.org

  10. I am forever grateful for Earthquake Kelley’s wisdom in helping to understand that Lord Jesus’s special gift to us is that he has permanently broken the spell of evil over us which is something unique from all other divine incarnations of our wonderful Creator.

    His legacy of truth and faith in Lord Jesus will forever be cherished!

  11. I have learnt so much from you when you grace us with your presence on TBN in the nineties. You have impacted & transformed so many lives through your journey & encounter with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
    Then listen in on your teachings at Revelation Chuch Simi Valley, Easy Street with Prophet Lovy Elias & Prophetess Taryn(Mama T) also @Liberty; Simi Valley, Easy Street, on the opening night.
    You were a great Soldier in The Army of the Lord. You will be greatly missed and you taught us to be battle ready.

  12. I enjoyed his testimonies. He was very inspiring…..causing people to rethink their purpose and to look inward at our hearts making sure we have a clean slate. I would have liked to meet him. R.I.P.🕊🙏🏾

  13. My condolences to the family. An awesome man of God and was definitely a great asset to the kingdom of God. Bless you Man of God, take your well deserved rest.🙌🏾❤️

  14. My Buddy I sure do miss you and your wonderful deliverance teaching. I thank God for bringing you and your lovely wife into my life. I will never ever be the same.

    Susan Michelle Harris from the Motor City.

  15. Praying for his loved ones. He was a gentle, kind servant of the Lord. He was my first introduction to deliverance. I Praise His name that he was used as a messenger on how to break darkness. Thank you, Jesus, for Earthquake, and I ask you to embrace his family in your heavenly peace.

  16. I briefly first heard of General Earthquake through Prophet Lovy. A few months later I learned about him on Jennifer Bagnaschi’s YouTube channel “Deep Believer”. His testimony was so compelling, I subscribed to his YT channel. As I watched his videos or joined when he came on live, I learned sooooooo many things that I never knew or was taught as a Believer. I purchased most of his books as well. Bishop was very kind and personable when we spoke on the phone. I certainly loved how he loved God and his family! I am grateful because of his commitment to his assignment; I will not perish due to lack of knowledge. May God’s peace, love and strength be with each of you!!

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