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The Dangers of Profanity – eBook Download


by Dr. Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley

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Product Description

This book dives into the deep, it bobs and weaves, and counter attack the onslaught of the prince of darkness and everything affiliated with him. I would like to inform both the church and non-christians alike of The Dangers of Profanity, Cursing, Oaths, Swearing, and Self-afflicting words.

Most human-beings do not know the real dangers of allowing these words to come out of their mouth. In the midst of counseling or ministering individuals, they would share their struggles or torment and I would ask, “When is the last time you have cursed or used profanity?” After sharing what I know, they would ask, “where can they get the information or do I have it in one of my books? I would then say, “some of the information is in my book “Escaping the N’Mos Cycle, but I am working on a book with information about profanity? Well here it is!

Profanity is a demonic language that releases demons to cause torment, terror, to steal, kill, and destroy. These are not words they are evil spirits!

Proverbs 5:5 states her feet go down to death: her steps take hold on hell. So each time it is used, it is like an ant getting a crumb and taking it back to the nest just to go back out to get some more. This is why we must watch everything that comes out of our mouth, good or bad.


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